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CELTECH COLLEGE adheres to the philosophy of transformative education for personal integrity, professionalism, social responsibility, productive citizenship, enlightened nationalism and global competitiveness.


Anchored on its Vision-Mission, CELTECH COLLEGE is committed to:

1. Provide high-quality academic programs in order to develop professionally competent, technically skilled, globally competitive and morally upright graduates who are committed to professional and service excellence;

2. Institutionalized a system of competence and quality through the selection and hiring of highly qualified, skilled, motivated, and globally competent faculty and personnel to advances the aims of the school;

3. Develop community outreach programs to promote leadership capabilities, high sense of awareness of community needs, and meaningful engagement in public and civic affairs among alumni, faculty and students;

4. Promote creative and innovative academic pursuits by promoting research among its faculty, staff and students;

5. Establish linkages with different sectors of society for the effective and efficient utilization of professional and competencies and technical know-how of the students, graduates and faculty; and
6. Continually upgrade the college facilities and equipment in order to keep up with the needs of the changing times in the field of education and the needs of the industry.